on the set

i spent yesterday sewing for the new children’s collection coming in september.  using fabric from the women’s line makes it beyond fun, mixing prints and colors.  i started messing around with color block tees, the first one here is just for fun but i like the idea of wearing this with a full skirt.  not sure my daughter will go for it, her tastes lie more in blouses.  it’s the kind of t-shirt i would have bought at baby gap in the girls section and put on my unwitting son, the most beautiful baby that ever was born.  sorry – he really was though, just so pretty :>  when giulietta was a toddler, i bought her soft grey sweaters in the boys dept., so enchanting with all that blond hair.  i realize in retrospect that you can dress your children up to a point and then around age 5 they start to choose things for themselves from their dresser.  i’d like to offer pieces that both child and mom might pick.

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