sneak peek

a little intro to the fall collection for you.  i’ll be posting more of the collection next week.  for now i leave you w/ the crumpled silk blouse in tea-stained ivory.  the shell in charcoal or black boiled wool w/ horn buttons up the back.  the floppy wool skirt in charcoal or speckled wool.  the drop sleeve pullover in color block organic cotton / hemp.  the drop sleeve blouse in brown polka dot.  the new sweater style in ochre and charcoal peruvian wool.

i also love the sweater over the skirt with tights and brogues.  the color block pullover hangs perfectly with a pair of trousers (i wear mine w/ these).  the wool shell looks great over a blouse or favorite t-shirt worn w/ jeans.  i think over all the collection has a nice classic edge to it.  If you combine a piece with something casual, like jeans for instance, it creates a look i’m really fond of personally.  the fabrics are all really stellar this season, very polished, some unusual.  it was a fun collection to put together.  i can’t wait to bring it out next month. xo

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