in the shop, U !

the new U sweater is now in the shop. why wait?  i think this is probably my favorite sweater so far.  thought you might like to see it on someone who is 50 and has had 2 kids :> it has a nice slim fit but is not the least bit tight.  the peruvian wool is soft, so soft you can wear it on it’s own.  the length is just right, skimming down to the hip.  the sleeves are extra long, reaching to just below the wrist so you can wear it under your favorite coat and pull the sleeves over your hands if it’s really that cold :>  the colors .. i’m in love with this ochre color, the charcoal as well.  when i showed them to the shops, the sweet potato and charcoal were the best sellers.  made to order in sizes s, m and large.

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