By ursula on 2014-10-07

a sunny moment last weekend in our very dry backyard.  this week is all rushing around, packing, sewing on buttons, trying to get information for the tax accountant together as our 10/15 deadline looms .. more cutting, a little sewing, lots of phone calls, sourcing fabric, getting patterns graded .. the children’s collection still sitting idly in the corner.  i am looking forward to when all of this is done, which should be soonish .. the november collection will be the last until next year of course.  in the meanwhile i found a studio that we’ll be renovating a bit and moving into the 1st of the year.  something far less expensive, which suits my new business plan for next year.  i’m looking forward to things slowing down a bit, more time to work on the creative end of things.  but first – this mad rush.  bah.

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