judah ross


when oami and i first worked together on modaspia it was as textile designer and pattern maker respectively.  within a year or two she had quietly mastered pattern making and was contributing at least half the designs we used for each collection.  when she brought out her own label, judah ross, it was really something different and unique from what we’d done together.  there was a thread there though and many of my customers were drawn to what she was doing.  hell she does it better than me!  stove pipe trousers tailored to a T.  the bowie jacket.  don’t get me started on her blouses, i love and wear them all.  if you ever bought any of her pieces consider yourself lucky and treat them well because she’s recently finished up with clothing for the moment in favor of starting on something new and uncharted to her and probably most of us.  actually, if i told you the medium she’s been talking about you’d probably be as caught off guard as i was.  but nothing really surprises me with her.  she can paint with oils, was making fabric with natural dyes and leaves she found around her apartment when we were all talking on phones with cords coming out of them.  she was also felting wool into beautiful fuzzy textiles in her kitchen, a sewing machine in the dining room surrounded by walls of books.  she’s just cool, in the most natural way.  i wish her well in all she does going forward.  long live judah ross !

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