a glimpse of the new blouse for the november collection.  i was only able to make a few but i really like how they turned out.  on a side note, it’s been great working on small things like this, sewing them myself for the shop.  not feeling the pressure of having to work on a big spring collection to show the stores in february is such a weight off my shoulders.  i guess if you follow this blog you probably know modaspia followed a seasonal calendar for the last 10 years, doing 2 big collections a year 6 months in advance.  this is an exciting way to work but also exhausting.  sometimes you just wake up to what you’re doing and realize it’s not what you want anymore. while i plan on selling to all of the stores that carry modaspia i won’t be working with them in the traditional way.  so far everyone has been very supportive of that.  i’m excited to see what the new year brings.  i have so many things i’d like to make for the shop, for fun and because i know your tastes by now, am familiar with what it is we all like about modaspia and might want to wear.  thanks for staying with me this far. xo

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