behind the scenes

a few images of the studio we’ve been renovating across the street.  yes it may look a little familiar !  the old brick masonic temple with the beautiful light .. and the affordable rent.  half of what i have been paying the last couple of years at our current digs.  while i’ve enjoyed this space and the luxury of it’s fully modernized, polished interior i realized over the summer it might be a tad expensive over time with the changes i’ve made to my business.  i just don’t plan on making as much money next year to put it bluntly.  it’s all about a little more freedom and creativity.  the new space was a bit of a wreck – painted gaudily and covered in crummy grey carpeting.  i could easily see the diamond that it is though under all that.  beautiful old brick walls, transom windows that open, railroad style lay out with a small office at the end for my husband.  the thing that really slays me though is the front room with it’s view of the hills.  it is filled with sunlight through out the day.

i painted the place and pulled up all of the carpeting.  we spent several days scraping carpet glue off the floors, not anything i’d want to do again btw.  today we finish the floors, just in time to move in right after thanksgiving.  on that note – enjoy your time with family!   u xoxo

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