hey !  hope everyone is doing well.  it’s been a long time since i actually took some time off, especially during the month of december. it’s hard for me to not work on something though .. i think i wasted too much of my youth not doing something creative, too hung up on boyfriends and what not.  anyhow i’ve started working on a small collection for the new year.  i came across some really pretty prints in silk and cotton voile i want to have made into blouses (new style).  i’ll be making a jacket in silk velvet to order (grey or bittersweet choc). also some jewelry ! venetian glass bracelets, locally made as well as some simple hippy bead necklaces i made for the shop. pretty prints, soft textures, bohemian.  i’ve always loved the 30′s “beach pajama” look (see above).  hopefully some of that will come across with this collection.  now let’s talk about these girls.  these photos are all from pinterest btw, where copyrights go to die someone said. makes sense.  so don’t ask me where each originates from. that first photo is so beguiling.  the 2 girls in the 3rd photo could break any boy’s heart, i know that.  the clothes and sandals in the last photo are fantastic, especially the 2nd girl from the left and the one walking in the street. still working things out but below, a selection of swatches from the collection.  i’ll just be offering this one in my shop by the way.

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