above, the new pajama pant style and the half moon tunic in a shorter length for spring / summer, both size small.  the collection should be ready mid-may.  i am coming up on a big production next week and am considering adding a larger size for some styles.  this will be an x-large and technically a size 12/14 ?  i fit the size small in modaspia but am on the cusp of a medium. i often bring home clothes in both sizes because i like clothes to hang a bit and turn away from anything that clings, especially in the bust.  i’m not sure i’m going to offer all styles in the x-large unless there’s a real demand for it and i won’t be offering this size to the shops i sell to.  if this is something that appeals to you feel free to leave a comment or if you’re shy you can write me via the shop.  below are the styles available in the upcoming collection.  take a look and if you’re giddy at the thought of one or more of these becoming available in x-large drop me a line.  thanks in advance for your help :>

s /s twenty-fifteen by modaspia:

1.tunic (shorter length)  2.jacinta dress  3.dress sportif (added 2″ to length)  4.french tee w/short sleeve, scoop neck  5.floppy skirt  6.flutter sleeve blouse  7.pajama pants  8.pintuck blouse

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