great book. i have heard her name, miranda july.  it’s so poetic sounding?  i wasn’t familiar with anything she’s done though.  i picked up her first novel, the first bad man at the library last week and finished it on the drive home, reading most of it in one go.  it’s that good.  not something you necessarily want to be reading on a plane with someone looking over your shoulder though.  a lot of it is “saucy” to use an understated adjective here.  it’s not so much about all the sex though as it is about making a jump in life where you find yourself more where you wanted to be but never imagined you would be.  i almost cried at the end.  almost .. when she is running to her son on the tarmac.  anyone else read this .. ?  oami told me miranda july is married to mike mills, the film maker so i watched beginners last night on her recommendation.  i can see how these two are married.  the movie was really sweet, mostly about a new love. the couple’s relationship pulls together in a way that is much more like real life.

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