nahla beauty / nepal

now nepal, it’s bloody heartbreaking right?  like the news just gets more dismal around the world each week .. well this morning i got a founder’s letter from my pal nicole at nahla beauty.  she is a customer of mine and i eventually became a huge fan of her natural beauty products.  she is very generously donating 100% of her profits to the mercycorp nepal earthquake relief response from april 28 – may 3.  it’s hard not to find something you like among her goods.  everything is natural and nicole even keeps her own bees (she sent me some honey at christmas time bless her).  my favorite products are the bulgarian rose hydrating mist and the revive organic cellular repair.  the latter is an oil and nicole is the one who turned me on to using something like this rather than a lotion or cream for my face.  it’s a beautiful gesture on her part, please take a look.  any order helps.  u. xo

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