across the sea

head to toe modaspia in london :> i just sent a new shipment of modaspia for wee ones to niddle noddle so if you find yourself in the crouch end of london do pay a visit.

it’s been quiet here eh?  the blog is quiet. i’ve been busy. your summer is probably far more interesting but for posterity’s sake here’s what i’ve been up to:

extreme heat:(  swim lessons.  going to the movies where the Ac is always on. picking out a little camping trailer.  sewing like mad – some of my best work is emerging, in my mind anyway.  getting ready to shoot the collection for july.  tending a really lush vegetable garden in the middle of a very dry backyard.  reading kim gordon’s book (really good even if you’re not a huge sonic youth fan).  drinking white wine with sparkling pellegrino after work.  trying to sleep at least 6 hours at night with the temperature outside in the 80s.

more soon. xo u.

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