a nearly complete collection of samples for spring 2016. i am meeting with buyers in a couple of weeks and thought i’d share what i’ve been working on. it is an interesting palette but possibly a hard sell, i don’t know yet.  it came together pretty quickly once i spied the silk print on the far left, a mixed copper print. the yellow print silk next to that is a left over fabric from the designer suno (they always use such beautiful fabrics). the linens on the far right are very cool. they remind me of something you might wear walking around rome. the stripey fabric is from japan, a linen knit i fell in love with despite the cost. had to have it.  the new sundress (middle) is over-sized and follows an old thrift store dress i’ve had for ages.  i could live every warm day in that style so it’s nice to have it in different colors now including the umbrella stripe linen. the cotton prints are pretty florals.  the cottage dress will be back, in black or oatmeal irish linen (handkerchief linen, my new obsession). the fiji dress will be available in the linens as well as the umbrella stripe. now to find a model and try to make a proper hard copy look book, the first i’ve made in at least 3 or 4 years .. i’m feeling ambitious w/this collection (and i need to pay for that camping trailer).  xo

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