interior life


we attended a wedding this weekend at a very old and beautiful ranch way up in the sierra mountains. rather than stay at a hotel, we camped at lake tahoe with my husband’s family, taking our new trailer. i never get tired of cooking in it, laying on the bed reading, looking out the window at the pines.  is this even camping anymore.  it is:> i’m the only one doing this .. it’s like a little dollhouse i guess and the novelty of this little space will eventually wear off i’m sure.  i get out!  i rode one of the kid’s bikes around the campground.  i danced at the party like a fool. we’re camping again this weekend along the coast.  i’ll try to get some better pictures of the inside.  this is “our bed” at one end.  kitchen in the middle.  at the other end is the dinette, which transforms to the kid’s bed at night.  very cozy.

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