sleepwear by Domi

Ursula Dean

the back story about my love of Domi sleepwear.  my sister bought me the pajama set in the top photo for my 50th birthday almost 2 years ago and i have been wearing it ever since.  i bought myself the simple slip pictured above last year and love it just as much, especially when summer heats up here.  i don't think i had ever owned something as pretty yet practical to sleep in before.  they make me feel more put together at home - and this is coming from someone who looks like they're wearing a frightwig half the time.  both styles will be available later this month in the shop. 

i don't know what other women are wearing in the way of a robe but i know i desperately need one. i took over my husband's robe (that i bought him) a couple of years ago.  it is about 4 sizes too big for me in a simple grey plaid.  there is something i like about the drape of it that could translate to something more feminine.  i have a fabric picked out, a soft ticking fabric in cotton / rayon - beautiful drape to it.  paired with the domi pieces i think i'll have rounded out the sleepwear set idea.


  • robe?? is that the same thing as hoodie? :) i love the look of these pajamas. can’t wait to see your robe design!


  • I’ve been using cast-off, fraying cardigans as a robe for years and something nicer would be very welcome!


  • Beautiful!

    I’ve been wearing the same pink terrycloth robe since 1991, so thank you in advance for saving me. : )

    Jenifer Monroe

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