a few pics from the show

Ursula Dean


for your viewing pleasure, some of the beautiful people who turned out for the show.   it was an interesting experience with highs and lows like anything.  i'm not entirely sure i'll do it again, at least not without more preparation.  i felt like i had THE lamest booth in the entire place.  maker-people are VERY serious now about a well turned out booth and i think beyond a rack of clothes and a little rug the only other accoutrements i brought along were a flimsy but charming changing booth and a giant plastic bin from costco to keep extras in.  ah well .. thanks to everyone of you who came up to talk to me.  i was floored by how sweet and open you were about the clothes and how you've come to love the line.  this isn't a huge business nor is it especially successful financially but the following it has means everything to me.  it is always a starting point, every year.  there was definitely a time when i felt like i really didn't know my customer, literally.  i no longer feel in the dark on that point and that's a good feeling.  also, big thanks to my friend cristina (above) for hanging out with me and even making a few sales while i sipped on a cocktail ;>


  • You gorgeous creature you! This photo makes me miss you like crazy. I agree with Laura. Look at those clothes!! Drooling…..


  • You don’t need some fancy pants set-up. Your work speaks for itself. :)

    laura hofreitera

  • cyndi – the pleasure was mine.


  • What a treat to meet you & get to see & touch so many lovely pieces of modaspia clothing! Thank you!


  • jen it’s always nice to see you too. we always laugh at stuff.
    lesa – it actually was successful maybe i’m being dramatic. i’ve done the faire a few times though not for awhile. it went just as well as any of the others. they’re just so stylized now i felt like a bit of a hillbilly there ;>


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