Ursula Dean

a few people have asked about the samples and one off pieces going to the renegade spring faire this weekend.  if you're not able to attend, which i understand the vast majority of you are not, i'd be happy to share with you what's available in your size.  as i'm extremely pressed for time this week with work it will have to be an initial list of what i have in your size and a follow up email with an image of what you're actually interested in.  there are close to 100 pieces since i don't regularly do sales online any longer.  most pieces are around $45 - $80.  some are samples i never put into production while others are left over from past seasons.  there are pieces that were held back because of small defects or imperfections in the fabric.  i'll do my best to let you know about any such flaws if they exist.  you can write me via the blog or the store for more information through thursday evening.  cheers, u.


  • I am interested in dresses only. I wear size 8 USA sizes, or M or L. I also love this photo!


  • Anything in a size large?

    mary brown

  • Ursula, I am interested in anything you may have in size medium. Thank you for offering! Mary

    Mary Johnston

  • Hi Ursula,
    I am interested in any pieces in xs.

    I would love to go to Renegade (and get to say hello in person)! but just can’t at that time on Saturday.

    Thank you as always!


  • I would be interested in any items that are xs. Thank you :)


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