Ursula Dean

(most days my hair resembles that of a bauhaus student)
talking about one's hair, i know, is a bit vapid but i'm going to indulge anyway.  i am just into my 50s now and my hair has gone through so many changes the last few years it makes my head spin.  every day is a little battle to do something with it.  in my late 40s it thinned and i thought that was what i was left with.  to my surprise it came back somewhat - but to my horror, curly.  suddenly i had all this curl to deal with.  not pretty curls either, more like clownish hair :(  to be fair i've never had a neat hairdo in my life.  it reacts to the moisture in the weather like a flower to rain.  after a few days it's nearly pin straight.  i just have to bend to it's will.  i keep bobby pins in my pockets at all times.  i am always in a state of "growing it out" and simultaneously cutting off bits that are dry or have turned brassy from hair dye (which i stopped using at my daughter's request).  i'm still on the fence about getting my hair "straightened" or relaxed with one of the new non-chemical treatments but will probably never get round to it.  in the end my hair gets a 2 min evaluation each morning in the mirror, some bobby pins and then i just avoid looking at myself after that.  every once in awhile i'll catch myself in a shop window though and think my god, you look insane, woman.  i have things to do though!  i can't be bothered with hair dryers and it doesn't work anyway.  so for now i'm growing out my bangs and the rest.  the curls have relaxed with the weight of my hair somewhat.  i'm hoping by summer it will have a softer look, less like a madwoman.
i love her hair .. another inch or 2 (and no rain) and i might get this look ..
monica vitti has perfect hair.
my hair looks a lot like this on a good day but without the bangs.

i love this cut and will surely embrace it if my hair doesn't grow out well.
me (2 yrs ago?).  my bangs are almost to my chin now but you get the idea.


  • Well, you know I’ve had hair struggles of my own lately ;) I’ve always adored your hair, I guess I have that typical envy that straight haired girls get. I love that it has a mind of its own, like you. The texture of my hair hasn’t changed much but the color sure has – over the years my light blonde hair has turned mousey brown and my almost black eyebrows have faded to a medium brown.


  • thanks kristina ..


  • Your hair is gorgeous! Finding myself in ‘a woman of a certain age’ territory, I have no patience for the upkeep (frequent haircuts) required to make a short cut not become an overgrown mess on me. I’m with Lesa about finding long hair being easier; being able to pull it into something of a chignon or to braid it (nothing like the braids on your model!) are welcome. My students expressed pleased surprise on seeing that I have a wave to my hair so here’s to yours turning curly. (And this is actually the 3rd discussion about hair I have gotten into with other women today.) Love the images too.

    Kristina Chew

  • thanks, both of you .. ah, to have a pony tail again. soon!


  • I agree w/maiastras; your hair looks beautiful. In fact, I can’t think of any hair style or length you couldn’t pull off with grace and beauty, Ursula! I’ve had straight hair my entire life and have always envied those with waves and curls. I’ve been growing mine out for several years now and I just keep doing so because I can’t be bothered any more, and mostly it feels like long hair is easier and offers more options. I work from home on most days, so I don’t “have” to put any effort into it (like brush it). Like you with your bobby pins, I always have a hair stick or elastic in my pocket or purse.


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