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Ursula Dean


hi :>

i'll be adding some new blouses to the shop over the weekend, each one made to order.  i especially like the layered cotton in plum / fuchsia.  pair with jeans, voila.  the last 2 images are from last weekend's camping trip to the coast.  we went with assorted cousins, the teens and tweens outnumbering the adults.  i am always happy to ride bikes with these kids.  it's effortless right?  if you can keep up you're golden.  fortunately they spend more time laughing and talking at a leisurely pace than actually clocking their miles.  we cooked a lot.  i ate a LOT.  my sister-in-law came back with fresh fish from the local market and we fried that up.  i made chilie, cornbread .. i'm always hungry lately.  also reading a lot lately and then finding myself so curious about these writers.  i finished camille bordas' How to Behave in a Crowd after coming across this article about her.  then went on to read claire fuller's Our Endless Numbered Days.  coincidentally both books are written from the perspective of a child.  both were great and i can't wait to lose myself in another book .. any suggestions?  the library awaits:>  the book i really want to read is julian barnes' new one, The Only Story but i don't think it's quite out yet.